The Perfect Bedroom in Mint & Oak wood

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3D renderings from INT2 Architecture. Amazing ideas and rendering skills.
Love the styling too. Just perfect. See more of their works here.


Menu 2014/15

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Time for styling inspiration and perhaps some shopping.
I see a possible colour trend.
// Rust //
Daybed_Location_02_Download 72dpi JPG (RGB)_185597
KaschKasch Floor Mirror_Location_04_Download 72dpi JPG (RGB)_185598
Stick System_Location_15_Download 72dpi JPG (RGB)_185594
Yeh Wall Table_Location_16_Download 72dpi JPG (RGB)_185602
NNDW_Location_01_Download 72dpi JPG (RGB)_185607
New Norm_Location_Norm_17_Download 72dpi JPG (RGB)_185607
See Menu 2014/15 catalogue, here.

Graphic Design //

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Yanda, creative director of donotdesign does mostly graphic design and is also part of The Design Society, a non-profit organization dedicated to raise the standards of design in Singapore, is hosting its annual conference this Saturday, 29 Nov (click here, for more information).

The Design Society 2014
A series of photographs below showcasing Yanda‘s office neighbourhood and his workspace before the revamp which he will start once most of his projects are completed. I got to know Yanda through Shannon of Bureau whom I contacted for the MOE chairs feature, see post here. So this day, I got invited over for a chat and also to brainstorm some ideas for his workspace. Yanda shared with me that he is also toying the ideas of furniture design. Looking forward to see what he is gonna do and how his graphic design background would apply in this area.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREDo-It-Yourself concrete stool with wooden legs.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREAlways on lookout for intriguing textures and materials for his clients and projects.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREAn album sleeve in the form of story book.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREA project which Yanda started with a friend, now awaiting potential brands to buy and produce this piece of artwork. Part of knitted accessories range, featuring here is a hand carry glove bag and a scarf with pink nails hand on each end, quirky and thoughtful for cold climates.

Tanglin Halt SG50 // Nikon Df Part 3

Here’s my third and last post on my experience with the 16.2 megapixel retro-style DSLR, Nikon Df, it has been a great joy having this companion with me the past few weeks. Deeply appreciate this opportunity given by Nikon. To further explore with the Df, I decided to document my lovely neighbourhood where I have been staying for the last six years as a personal project. Reason being, I am moving out this place to somewhere northeast and also URA’s recent announcement in July that the old public housing estates of Tanglin Halt (more than 50 years old) will be moving to Dawson estate under the Remaking Our Heartland (ROH) initiative. You can read more about it, here.
DSC_3053 croppedMy view from master bedroom.
The image above illustrates my daily night view, from afar Skyville & Skyterrace @ Dawson under construction. Setting the Df on a tripod to ensure the sharp images with the light tail of the moving traffic from below. And the pictures turned out exactly how I wanted them to be without much fuss. I was able to grasp the right settings pretty quick with the help of the dedicated dials.So this night, I brought the Df to the hawker centres where I usually take away my late night suppers, just a stone’s throw away from my block. Under the low light from afar, the camera is still able to include dark details in the back and not losing the brightly-lit areas, producing images very close to my human eyes under such circumstances.

DSC_3208 cropped
DSC_3210 cropped

The following morning, I brought the Df with AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8G out and weather was in my favour with good sun, no haze. Pumped up with my growing excitement to explore my neighbourhood with this serious camera, I thought to better have a good breakfast in case, I faint during my little hike. I chose to have one of my favourite breakfast foods, roti prata with cheese!
DSC_3239The Nikon Df’s colours seem very close to my human eye. With the red cast from the canvas canopy shadowing the tables, the outside’s colour tone seemed to be well balanced.
DSC_3351My other favourite breakfast and supper food centre, Blk 48A Tanglin Halt Market and Food Centre.
There’s two stalls which I always go to.
DSC_3328 edited
Wei Yi Laksa (Stall No. 20) which I have been patronising more than 10 years ago (same as the duck noodles stall featured below) before I move into this neighbourhood, friendly and dedicated Uncle Jin used to open for business in the wee hours of morning and now he start selling at dawn for breakfast and lunch crowd. Wei Yi Laksa has been featured in many different media coverages, one of the memorable ones has to be the Japanese publication in Singapore, Mangosteen Club. Uncle Jin was also invited by a Japanese chef to Japan, Tokyo for culinary cultural exchange. And through this short interview, I found out Uncle Jin is actually little brother of the lady boss from duck noodle stall (pictured below).
 DSC_3338 edited
After a three month hiatus, Tanglin Halt Delicious Duck Noodle (Stall No. 23) reopen in late October. Picturing Boss Chua recuperating from his recent knee surgery and lady boss whom took over this braised duck noodles business from her father since 1969.
To sum up my experience with the Nikon Df, I must say it is a travel friendly lightweight DSLR camera with beautiful retro styling and powerful performances in low light handling. Personally, I feel it is a good camera to strengthen your manual photography, building good foundation. A good way to train your eye for composition and the technical side of crafting inspiring visuals. So far there’s been quite a few enquiries from my friends on what camera do I use, after seeing those photographs that are taken by the Df, on my personal Facebook account plus the comments were all very positive. It is really a great companion for my blog shoots and I will miss it terribly for sure.
 // This post is sponsored by Nikon //
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Do keep a lookout on my blog for a full post of my personal project on Tanglin Halt. Stay tune!