Illustrator // Jensine Eckwall //

Jensine 001
I was attracted to the white birch woods when I first saw this artwork. And this little girl wielding the sword, reminds me of Game of Thrones. It is really peculiar how my mind linked up the both. And turned out it belongs to Zen Monkey Studios’ series of Game of Thrones themed poster prints! I love Jensine Eckwall‘s colour palatte, line works and the emotions her artworks evoke, often mysterious and awkward I feel. I’ve always love the luminous effects of watercolour painting and Copic markers which reminds me of the materials I bought to water colour but didn’t touch after one session. Ha! By the way, did you spot the direwolf in the picture? Coz I didn’t until Mr Ang told me to stand back and look again.
Artist: Jensine Eckwall
Title: Deeper than Swords
Arya Stark, though alone and far from home, is protected by the strength of her family

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