Lloyd’s Inn // Singapore

inspiration, travel
After an extensive revamp, Lloyd’s Inn reopened its doors in June 2014 with a new modern minimalist facade and 34 guest rooms. The boutique hotel located only steps away from the popular shopping district, Orchard Road offers a multisensory experience between the city, nature, hotel and the traveller. What attracts me is the strong branding Lloyd’s Inn owns, from the custom designed amenities, bottled water to the stylish graphic signages, and of course the monochromatic room interiors complement with warmth of the wooden furniture and lush foliage. Although the hotel has no in-house restaurant, guests are invited to explore and try out their uniquely Singapore breakfast tie-ups with Killiney Kopitiam and Freshly Baked. A walking guide is available for download to encourage guests to explore the charming neighbourhood around the inn, the simple graphic line map also serves as the anchor artwork in the lobby. This place offers an alternate staycation for the locals who are into exclusivity and a well-balanced of urban and nature reconnection.
map in lobby
// Branding, interiors and architecture Farm Photography Rebecca Toh //
// with kind permission Lloyd’s Inn //

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