Big Ideas for Small Spaces

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Midweek inspiration. I found an entry on great design solutions for small living spaces on Yellowtrace. Here’s some projects I find functional and beautiful for us HDB dwellers in Singapore.
AP-1211-by-Alan-Chu-Yellowtrace-01 AP-1211-by-Alan-Chu-Yellowtrace-02 AP-1211-by-Alan-Chu-Yellowtrace-03 AP-1211-by-Alan-Chu-Yellowtrace-04 AP-1211-by-Alan-Chu-Yellowtrace-05 AP-1211-by-Alan-Chu-Yellowtrace-06 AP-1211-by-Alan-Chu-Yellowtrace-0736sqm apartment in São Paulo, Brazil.
Architect Alan Chu // Photography Djan Chu
The-Living-Cube-Till-Koenneker-Yellowtrace-011 The-Living-Cube-Till-Koenneker-Yellowtrace-021 The-Living-Cube-Till-Koenneker-Yellowtrace-031The Living Cube by Till Koenneker serves as storage, a cupboard, shelf and guest bed.
Carpentry by Remo Zimmerli.
Harbour-Attic-Apartment-Gosplan-Yellowtrace-01 Harbour-Attic-Apartment-Gosplan-Yellowtrace-02 Harbour-Attic-Apartment-Gosplan-Yellowtrace-03Harbour-Attic-Apartment-Gosplan-Yellowtrace-05 Harbour-Attic-Apartment-Gosplan-Yellowtrace-0635sqm holiday harbour attic apartment in Genoa, Italy.
Images courtesy of Gosplan Architects. Photography by Anna Positano
Bijou-Apartment-by-Nicholas-Gurney-Yellowtrace-01 Bijou-Apartment-by-Nicholas-Gurney-Yellowtrace-02 Bijou-Apartment-by-Nicholas-Gurney-Yellowtrace-03Bijou apartment by Nicholas Gurney in Sydney, Australia.
Images Courtesy of Nicolas Gurney. Photography by Katherine Lu.
HB6B-by-Karin-Matz-Yellowtrace-01 HB6B-by-Karin-Matz-Yellowtrace-02 HB6B-by-Karin-Matz-Yellowtrace-03 HB6B-by-Karin-Matz-Yellowtrace-05HB6B by Karin Matz in Stockholm, Sweden.
Images courtesy of Karin Matz
29sqm-3XA-Yellowtrace-01 29sqm-3XA-Yellowtrace-02 29sqm-3XA-Yellowtrace-03 29sqm-3XA-Yellowtrace-0429 sqm apartment with a semi-mezzanine by 3XA in Poland.
Photography by S.Zajaczkowski.
// Read more from the post here on Yellowtrace //

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