At home with Laura // Nikon Df Part 2

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During this period, Nikon Df has been a great companion for my blog shoots. Today, I am thrilled to share with you Laura Phay’s apartment interiors. Laura runs her own interior design studio She Designs He Builds. She is also the creative brain and co-owner of lauded cafes Ronin and The Plain (both run by her husband). I test-drive the Df while exploring her simple yet unique home interiors – a collage of inherited furniture, treasured gifts and travel mementos.
Laura shared with me what makes a good looking home. I love her stories about how this living space has come together as a home for her and her husband. I will outline my experience with the Df and its capabilities in capturing all the accents, colours and textures in this lovely home.
I started the shoot with ambient lighting, then I moved on to shoot in only natural daylight which is what I love for most home interiors shoots. I am loving how Df is able to give me the crisp colours in each picture that I took, after getting more familiar with it, I was able to get desired pictures with greater ease and precision. I’ve always love light flare, picture this: warm light streaming in from the windows for a few seconds blurring your vision. That kind of mood is truly beautiful, and this was what I feel I achieve better with Df. As I mentioned in my previous post, you should determine what your photography style is, and this is important for an aspiring photographer.
DSC_1875Play with different textures to keep your colour scheme to minimal, knitted pouf against the smooth cold concrete both in grey tone. Book and magazine recommended by Laura to me. I tried to borrow from the new library@orchard but both copies were on loan. I guess it is a waiting game as the book cannot be reserved.
DSC_1895Detail shots in home interiors are equally important. So I’ve got the AF-area mode in single focus point or 39-point dynamic-area auto focus to assist me in getting the right texture or subject in focus.
Getting the perspective lines straight is crucial in interior shots, so with the virtual horizon tilt indication from viewfinder, it allows me to better “straighten” the lines before hitting the shutter button.
And here’s the other angles I took at Laura’s…
DSC_1904Monochrome tones are further enhanced by playing with different patterns in scale, for instance, the cushions and throw.
DSC_1862Ceramic vessel in the foreground was made by her good friend, a ceramic artist whom she speaks fondly of.
DSC_1865Laura is no hoarder, she only keeps things which hold great important sentimental value to her.
DSC_1916Lovely stitching detail from her dining chair which you can also find the same ones at Laura’s Ronin Cafe.
DSC_1857Beautiful glow from this vintage globe which Laura got in London’s flea market.
DSC_1897Fashion-boutique-like display of her tile samples.
DSC_1900Propagating succulents.
DSC_1867She inherited this yellow lounge chair with foot rest and coffee table from her late granduncle.
DSC_1892A strategic place for her plants right above her kitchen sink where the plants will thrive in the humidity.
DSC_1920Her very well-kept (styled) bombshelter store.
Special thanks to Laura who shared my enthusiasm for this photo shoot and she too, is impressed by what this retro-style full frame digital SLR camera can do.
// This post is sponsored by Nikon //

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