Byredo & Diptyque Paris

Covetable personal fragrances I’ve acquired few months ago are fast becoming my latest interest and obsession for scents. They have been introduced to me by a friend who is into artisanal unique scents. I’ve always use fashion houses’ fragrances which is rather common especially when the launch is recent you probably smell it on almost every other lady on the streets. Though perfume at the end of the day reacts differently from user to user. Still, I am hoping to find that unique scent I would like to call my own. Roses has to be my all-time fave, followed by Irises. And now I have a new addition, tobacco. And I feel I am probably gonna be adding more and more to my collection of personal fragrances from these two brands. What’s your favourite scent? Do share what other artisanal perfumers are out in the market. I would love to learn more. On a side note, here’s a link to read about Byredo’s latest fragrance, Byredo Unnamed fragrance.

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